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Reasons to send a card to a friend

While we can all remember how lovely it was to receive cards for our birthdays. At Christmas, if we were lucky, the whole house was decorated with beautiful cards from friends and families. We sent cards for Mother's Day and Father's Day, for Easter and the arrival of a new baby or when we moved house.  But it is a sad fact that with the increase in the use of social media and electronic devices we are all actually becoming more and more disconnected.  Whilst it is lovely to wake up on our birthdays to be greeted by a Facebook timeline full of birthday greetings from around the world, how much nicer would it be if a few of those people actually took the time to pop a card into the post to be dropped on to your doorstep to celebrate your special day.  And if it is nice on a birthday, how much nicer would it be on other occasions when we are perhaps in need of remembering that we have people out there who love us and who are thinking of us?

There are very few things that can make us feel as good as the feeling that someone cares and has taken the time to show it.  Sending a card can let someone know that they are in your thoughts.  It might be (as indeed it is as I write this!) a grey wet and dreary February afternoon.  The winter seems interminable, the credit card bill has just come in and there is nothing in the diary to look forward to and then a card drops through your door from a friend who just wants to let you know that they are thinking about you.  Maybe they have no reason to send it but just want to connect; to say 'Hey do you remember last summer ...', or 'Chin up Lovely, the snowdrops are out and the spring will be here soon.'  Or maybe you could send them a card - it could be a simple, 'Saw this and thought of you' card, or an invitation to dinner or for a night out at the pictures.  

Receiving a card will always make the recipient smile and will always make the sender feel good as well.  So, I am now going to heed my own words and send a few cards out to some friends.  One has just moved house - an occasion that is often marked with a card; one for a friend who is having a tough time with her boyfriend and who needs cheering up and, one for an old friend who lives some distance from me who is going through a divorce - its a sort of 'hang on in there card.  

I would love to hear more ideas on reasons to send cards, please either comment below or tweet us at @wildcards - look forward to hearing from you.